What to Do to Make a Foreign Man Love You

Is it your dream to meet a foreign husband and move to a new land of better opportunity. Is it your desire to meet someone who can provide you with an opportunity for a better life for you and your family? If it is then read on. I’m going to show you how to meet a foreign guy and make him fall in love with you.

This article is written for those in the Philippines and in South East Asia who are seeking a *genuine* relationship with a foreign man. It is not intended to help gold digger scam artists. Most gold diggers don’t get much money anyway. Most of the time they get what they deserve instead.

The truth

The bad news. Getting a foreign husband hard. Shoot getting any good husband is tough these days! But getting a foreign husband is even harder.

The good news. This article is going to help you to greatly increase your chances of getting a foreign husband and give you a serious leg up over your competition! Still, if you want that foreign prize you must work hard in order to stand above the rest! Once you succeed you’ll have more opportunities for you and your family than you ever dreamed possible!

Young and thin isn’t enough

“I’m young and thin” Some women think that because they’re young and thin that they are doing an older foreigner a favor by dating them. Okay so you’re young and thin. And? You and about 1,840,000 other Filipinos!

According to the Philippine Statistical Authority about 60% of the Philippine population are females under than age of 30.

In other words being young and thin isn’t special here.

If you want to be successful at getting a foreign husband just being young and thin isn’t going to cut it! Think of getting a foreign husband just like getting a prestigious job. If you want the best job (I’m not saying a foreigner is the best husband by the way) you’ve got to stand out! You are competing with other job candidates for that position. So you must ask yourself ‘how do I stand out?’.

Just like if you want a prestigious employment position or to be admitted to a prestigious university meeting the basic requirements is never enough. Well neither is getting a foreign husband which leads me to my next point.

You must stand out!

Lets start off by going over some basic requirements that I’ve noticed most foreigners seeking a husband/partner in Asia are looking for. This is not meant to say the represents all foreign men but it’s a good guide to be able to at least get your foot in the door with most foreign guys

  • Younger than him (under 35)
  • Thin and/or in good physical condition
  • Soft spoken (I haven’t seen too many foreign guys with loud wives)
  • Speaks enough English to have a basic conversation in most parts of Asia and in the Philippines the minimum would be an intermediate level of English
  • At least somewhat submissive
  • A pleasant disposition


Now we’ve gone over the basic requirements lets go over how to stand out. The best way to stand out is to accentuate your gifts. We all have gifts given to us by God. It is up to us to accentuate whatever those gifts are in order to stand above the rest.

If you are smart make sure he knows it by having intelligent stimulating conversations with him. When I meet a guy in the Philippines that has something interesting to say and can talk about something besides Ms. Universe, gossip about other people , or other young immature gay nonsense I am immediately impressed and a lot of other foreign guys are as well.

Are you a hard worker? He’ll see it by the amount of time you spend on your tasks. That’s a turn on for a lot of guys.

Is your faith important to you? Many foreign guys are looking for guys with good values and faith. When I meet a guy that actually goes to church on a regular basis and can cite a bible verse it’s a turn on. Not all gay foreigners will feel this way but most foreigners that come to the Philippines at least tend to lean on the conservative side of the spectrum.

Don’t worry about looks so much

Looks do matter but they’re not as important you may think. Many foreigners find a large spectrum of Filipinos attractive. So long as your are not obese and are under 35 you’re fine. I actually tend to avoid guys that are very handsome (or think they are very handsome).

Why do foreigners always take the ugly guys?

Most foreigners that come to Asia are over the age of 35 and we have already realized that beauty fades but dumb is forever. My experience is handsome guys tend to have a poor attitude. They just have an air about them that they deserve to be treated like a king and some of them have even acted like they were doing me a favor by dating me. *boy bye!*

The so-called ‘ugly’ guys just tend to be more humble and they put more effort into pursuing me. If we foreigners see a guy is willing to travel 2 hours to see us it gives him an edge over the guy that thinks we should do most of the effort because we are ‘rich’ he is handsome.

I’ll take a so-called ‘ugly’ guy any day of the week over a so-called ‘handsome’ guy that thinks he’s doing me a favor by going out with me.

Don’t be too choosy!

I met a guy online in Cebu Philippines. He was educated, soft spoken, and seemed like a nice young man that was genuinely open to dating someone older than he was. Well, I flew to Cebu to meet him and from the very beginning I could tell he wasn’t into me. His attitude was one of forced interest. I proposed more than once that we simply part ways amicably but he kept making up excuses like ‘oh I’m just getting to know you’ ‘I’m not used to it’ blah blah blah.

After a few days we went to Oslob (another city in the Philippines) . On the way to Oslob to swim with whale sharks I caught him flirting with other straight Filipinos on facebook. Furious I told the driver to turn around. It lead to big situation but ultimately I asked him to leave my hotel room and he ended up with nothing and still single.

But that’s not the reason I’m sharing this story with you.

After I asked him to leave do you know how long it too me to find someone else? Six hours!

That’s why I’m sharing this with you.

My young white American friend who was interested in dating Asians described the situation to me as a ‘buffet of guys’. He had the ability to choose whomever he wanted.

You must understand that we foreigners have *a lot* of options. I’m not saying this to degrade you , or degrade Asians or make it seem like Asians are disposable.

They aren’t.

Asians are gorgeous human beings with a lot to offer any foreigner. I’m just trying to make you understand the reality of the situation in order for you to have the proper attitude so you can achieve the foreign husband of your dreams.

Listen, everyone has the right to accept or reject to date whomever they wish for whatever reason they wish but if you want a foreign husband you’ve got to be realistic. God sends us who he thinks is best for us not necessarily who we fantasize about.

Probably you fantasize about a relationship that looks like this:



The reality will be more like this:



Maybe that’s not something you want to hear and I should could sell this article to more people if I promised to provide you a 25 year old white athlete but reality doesn’t conform to our wishes. Yoda was wrong the force isn’t with you.
If you want to be successful in landing a foreign husband you will seriously have to put your innate desire for a hunky young guy aside.If you can’t see yourself genuinely loving and being with a man that is at least 10 years older than you and fatter than you then I suggest you don’t look for a foreign husband.

Drop the racism

I know I know I’m asking you to drop thousands of years of Asian tradition and culture that has taught you that ‘white is right’ and that white skin is the pennicle of beauty but times have changed and if you want to be successful you must change with them.

As a foreigner one thing I see far too often is some Pinoys, once they get to a certain level, think that dating a Black is beneath them. They feel that they’ve worked so hard to get to the level where they are why should they lower themselves to dating a Black guy?

Well you can think that way and stay in the Philippines at your current economic level. If you really want a foreign husband you’ve got to open your mind.

Meet Clarence (name changed)

He is a Black American that came to the Philippines in search of a wife. There were got plenty of poor lower class women throwing themselves at him but he wasn’t interested in a woman like that. He wanted an educated more sophisticated women that would bare him intelligent children. He knew it would be more difficult as a Black man but he decided to try. After meeting a bunch of bar girls and educated girls that were obviously just seeking a sugar daddy he was about to give up and search in another country. However, before leaving the Philippines he had a toothache that he needed to get checked out.

Now meet Rose (name changed)

She is a Filipina doctor (a dentist). While on her on-the-job training in a dental office she was approached by a large Black American who needed some dental work done. At first she was scared of him but then they began talking. She kind of liked him but when he asked her out on a date she wasn’t so sure.

“I worked hard to get to this point. Why should I date a Black?’

She thought. But she decided to just go for it! She went ahead and accepted to date him. She endured a lot of criticism from some of her friends and a few family members for dating a Black.

Fast forward one year later they married and residing in San Diego California. Fast forward 15 years later she is still married to him and is a United States citizen!

Her and her husband own a home and she is a practicing dental assistant for the Untied States federal government and is helping her family back in the Philippines. While the marriage isn’t perfect (what marriage is?) she reports that she is very happy. After all is she wasn’t she could’ve divorced him by now.

All those people who criticized her for dating a Black man and all those who thought they were too good to date a Black man are still in the Philippines, or being treated as Filipino slaves in Dubai, and are still poor.

How do I know this? Because she’s my stepmother!


Let’s talk about sex

Sex is an important part of any relationship. It can literally make or break your relationship. It can be your greatest tool or your worst enemy when it comes to getting a foreign guy. In this section we’re going to talk about basic principles to make sure sex is your greatest tool.

Don’t have sex on the first date!

Your mother was right; save yourself for when he deserves it. If you give him your body on the first date you’re just going to look like a whore and he’s going to treat you like one! It looks very desperate to me when a girl has sex with me on the first date. When my current partner and I were just talking she made it clear the most I was going to get from her on the first date was a hug. That turned me on so much! It made her seem as though she was a woman of morals and self respect.

Do show affection

On that same note, however, he can’t feel like you’re just avoiding intimacy and affection because you’re not attracted to him. If avoid affection he’ll begin to think you’re just another gold digging scammer trying to get something for nothing.

Don’t do that. While you definitely shouldn’t give up your goodies right away you should still touch him, hug him, kiss him on the lips etc.

Talk is cheap!

You *must* show him that you are genuinely attracted to and interested in him with your actions!

Your sex should be great!

When you do decide he’s earned your body you must make it worth the wait! That doesn’t mean you have to be an expert in sex or a ‘sexpert’. It

Here are a few tips to make your sex game great

  • Kiss him! Kiss him a lot! Kissing an important part of American and other western cultures. We foreigners loved to be kissed! Don’t kiss him too much though. It has to seem natural. Imagine the hottestĀ  guy you know and how much you would kiss him. That’s what you need to do with your foreign boyfriend.
  • Moaning is a must but not exaggerated fake moans. Think about when you were with someone you really loved. Those are the same kinds of moans you need to make with your foreign partner.
  • Re-enforce your moans with words. Men of *any* nationality love to think they’re the king in bed. They love to hear that they have a big dick or that their dick is so good inside you. Some useful phrases in English to say during sex are “oh give it to me daddy!” “ooh fuck me baby!” “oh yeah just like that!” “yes daddy! yes daddy” “oh my gawd its so good!” . But just like the moans it can’t seem like you’re faking it. The actual words aren’t important; whats important is that they sound genuine!
  • Make the first sex all about him. Remember he has a lot of girls to choose from. Sex is your method of binding him to you so it’s got to be all about him at least the first couple of times. That means If he asks you to give him oral sex. Do it! Just remember, bad sex can ruin everything you’ve worked for!

If you don’t get it right the first time don’t worry. Just try and keep trying until you do.

Let’s talk the ‘L’ word

Stop saying I love you on the first or second date for goodness sake! ! Real love takes time and is very difficult to fake. It’s always the little things that give your true intentions away. You know you don’t love him after the first date and he knows you don’t love him after the first date or even the second or third date.

So why say it?

If you say ‘I love you’ too quickly you’ll just make yourself seem insincere and reduce yourself to being a one night stand at worst or just his f*ck boy at best. Unless he’s a sad desperate human being he’ll never marry a girl he knows is insincere. Love will come just give it time. Even if he’s not your normal type of guy find something you do love about him and focus on that. Maybe he’s fat and old so what? He could also be a very nice man that will treat you as his princess. If he’s tall and you like tall guys focus on that. If he’s articulate and intelligent focus on that! Every human being has something positive about them discover his good aspects and focus on them instead of his outward apperance.

What ever you do please don’t focus on his money or his passport!

If you try to build love in your mind by just focusing on the ultimate goal your actions will inadvertently show that! You may accidentally say the wrong thing or make the wrong action that tips him off that you just want his money or a visa.

Focus on pleasing your partner

I’ve worked in sales pretty much my entire adult life. One of the biggest mistakes I see young salesmen make is to try to focus on making the sale. Why is that a mistake? Because when you just try to focus on making a sale you unknowingly come off as desperate, insincere, or just flat out untrustworthy that no one wants to buy from.

The best way to make a sale is to focus on the needs of you potential customer and how what you have to offer can fulfill those needs. Its the same with getting a foreign husband. He’s looking for a young lady such as yourself to make him happy for the rest of his days. Focus on pleasing your partner. if he loves you he will focus on pleasing you too.

If you’re just in it to get a foreign sugar daddy that you can take advantage of then chances are good you’ll end up being the one who’s exploited–for sex.

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